Joan Hawkins is back with a striking, relevant and as always, tremendously entertaining fourth novel.

Sylvia Stride is keen to succeed in the downtown Manhattan law firm where she works, and has been assigned to a crucial sex discrimination case.  It’s the early 1980s, when top level law firms were not yet taking female law grads seriously. Sylvia finds herself in the basement doing menial work of a filing clerk, a situation she yearns to transcend.

Her career ambitions are tested however, when she uncovers clear proof of the firm’s old-guard sexism.

Should she renege on her feminist principles by concealing the evidence and forge forward with her career?

The dilemma is complicated by her passionate involvement with Han, her superior tasked with the case. Both scarred by arduous family backgrounds, their dysfunctional affair not only challenges Sylvia’s professional integrity, but undermines her complex sexuality and risks unraveling the very fabric of her wellbeing.

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