At just ten years old, Bailey shot her mother’s lover, in an attempt to rescue her from a savage beating.  Although traumatizing the girl, the incident was never reported due to the doctor’s social prominence, and it became submerged in family silence. The child’s subsequent heavy drinking drowned the memory until she was fourteen, and became the youngest alcoholic ever admitted to Stockbridge, an exclusive rehabilitation center.

At Stockbridge, Bailey meets Jim Peabody, the twenty-year-old son of the famous doctor. Both suffer from alcoholic amnesia and become acquainted as though for the first time, despite the fact that Bailey had fallen in love with Jim as a child, while he was going out with her older sister, Cary.

At Stockbridge, Bailey gradually remembers Jim as the beautiful blond boy whose humorous attention had made her feel appreciated as a girl. But although Bailey’s memories return, Jim’s do not.  The struggle of Bailey to recover her belief in the goodness of the child she’d been and the growing certainty that Jim Peabody was the hero of her childhood provides the momentum of the story.

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